HBO Is Playing Whack-a-Mole With Illegally Uploaded Game of Thrones Nude Scenes

Game of Thrones is known in equal measure for its densely interwoven plot and its many, many, many nude scenes. But recently, lusty clips and compilations from HBO’s biggest cash cow have slowly started disappearing from Pornhub, one of the internet’s biggest porn sites. Suffice to say this will be an exercise in futility.Read more... Source: Gizmodo

These Tiny Spacecraft Could Lead Us to Alpha Centauri

Earlier this spring, Russian billionaire Yuri Milner casually announced his intention to develop spacecraft that can travel at up to 20 percent the speed of light and reach Alpha Centauri within twenty years. From the outset, it was clear that no humans would be making the warp jump—the mission will involve extremely lightweight robotic spacecraft. A new fleet of tiny satellites hints at what those future interstellar voyagers will look…

Hungry in China? Get ready to DianPing it

Mainland China is Apple’s second biggest market, and will one day be its first. The company is making a big push on the mainland, opening new stores and investing in home-grown companies. Why the interest? Because China is the new Japan — it’s where the future is happening. All this week we take a look […](via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

Facebook Stands By Peter Thiel

During an appearance at Code Conference 2016 today, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said that Peter Thiel acted independently from Facebook during his financing of lawsuits against Gawker Media, Gizmodo’s parent company.Read more... Source: Gizmodo

Apple’s new 5K Thunderbolt Display could have its own GPU

Apple’s new Thunderbolt Display will ship with a built-in GPU that will provide entry-level and older Macs with enough power to drive its super sharp 5K resolution, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans. It’s been five years since Apple refreshed its standalone monitor, so the existing model is starting to look a little antiquated — […](via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

How the Dragons in Game of Thrones Stop Progress in Westeros

It’s easy to be captivated by the medieval world of Westeros in Game of Thrones. I mean, everybody loves a good story about kings and queens, princes and princesses, swords and lords, and castles and banners. But have you ever wondered why Westeros is stuck in this never ending medieval age? They’ve lived like this for thousands and thousands of years. How come their society hasn’t progressed? Nerdwriter blames the…