How to delete Safari extensions on macOS Sierra

Extensions can be very useful on Safari for Mac, adding functionality, and — in Apple’s words — letting users, “explore the web the way you want.” But how do you get rid of them once they’re installed? If you have issues with extensions causing crashes, glitches, or you just don’t plain want them anymore, here’s our easy […](via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

The WHO Was Wrong to Say Zika Is No Longer an Emergency

Earlier today, the World Health Organization declared that the Zika virus, along with its related neurological complications, no longer constitutes an international emergency. The announcement is a troubling development that could threaten important research, while also undermining those who are most affected, namely…Read more... Source: Gizmodo

Trump 'University' Settling With Former Students for $25 Million

Donald Trump’s former “university” has been accused of bilking students out of their hard-earned cash. The man himself was supposed to appear in court later this month to face the charges, but it looks like we won’t see the President-elect testify. Reuters is now reporting that Trump University and the plaintiffs have…Read more... Source: Gizmodo

Trying to Figure Out the Hero/State Pairings of Marvel's USAvengers Covers

Marvel is getting ready to roll out its stars and garters for its All-American USAvengers comic, and one major way it’s been doing it is by putting out a ridiculous amount of variant covers for issue one—one for each state, and then some. With them all now revealed, we broke down the state/hero match-ups that work...…Read more... Source: Gizmodo

Apple Will Fix 'Touch Disease' on Your iPhone for Just $150

Apple now has a repair program in place to address the so-called “Touch Disease” problem that the iPhone repair community first raised in August. Over time, some iPhone 6 Plus users reported that the touchscreen on the phones became unresponsive, with a flickering gray bar eventually showing up at the top of the…Read more... Source: Gizmodo

Apple’s new MacBook Pro ad celebrates invention of the Touch Bar

The new MacBook Pro finally lands in stores this week, and an awesome new Apple ad celebrates the arrival. In the new spot, called “Bulbs,” Apple links the invention of fire, the wheel, plow and more to the creation of the Touch Bar, the thin OLED strip that completely changes how you interact with your […](via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac