Watch These Excellent Match Cuts Used in Movies

A match cut is a technique filmmakers use to link two different scenes together by cutting from one shot to another in a way that’s almost visually seamless because the shots look so much alike. It can cut on character or cut on action, it could be used metaphorically like the bone matching the orbiting satellite in 2001: A Space Odyssey or it could be used to go to back…

A Major Climate Threshold Has Been Permanently Crossed

For the first time in human history, atmospheric CO2 concentrations exceeded 400 parts per million (ppm) in 2015. They’re expected to do so again this year, and every subsequent year for many generations to come, according to a new report issued by the World Meteorological Organization.Read more... Source: Gizmodo

Suge Knight claims Dr. Dre tried to kill him over Apple money

Beats co-founder and Apple employee Andre Young, aka Dr. Dre, allegedly hired a hitman to kill Suge Knight, according to a lawsuit filed by Knight. The former hip-hop mogul who co-founded Death Row Records claims Dre tried to have him murdered because Knight was owed a $300 million payout after Apple’s $3.4 billion acquisition of […](via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

Guy Faceplants While Rock Climbing in Virtual Reality

Admit it. Deep down inside there’s a part of you that will always love watching people fall down, and it’s overjoyed that virtual reality is making a comeback. Even if the Oculus Rift and other VR devices don’t change the world as promised, at least we’ll have videos of people falling on their faces while trying to virtually rock climb.Read more... Source: Gizmodo

io9 The Walking Dead’s Season Premiere Wasn’t Worth It | Lifehacker Get Free, Unlimited Wi-Fi on Fli

io9 The Walking Dead’s Season Premiere Wasn’t Worth It | Lifehacker Get Free, Unlimited Wi-Fi on Flights and Bypass Paywalls | The Garage I Dyno Tested My 1999 Porsche 911 With 243,000 Miles | Kotaku For Five Years, One Woman Chronicled Her Boyfriend’s Fixation With Slender Man On YouTube |Read more... Source: Gizmodo

Harvard Researchers Print World’s First Heart-on-a-Chip

Scientists may soon be able to conduct experiments on hearts without needing once-living tissue and muscle from animals. In a new study published today in Nature Materials, Harvard University researchers announced they’ve created the first 3D-printed heart-on-a-chip capable of collecting data about how reliably a heart is beating.Read more... Source: Gizmodo

Rent-A-Center Customer Horror Stories Allege Harassment at Home and Work

If you walk into any of Rent-A-Center’s 2,600 locations across the country, you can walk out with a laptop, a smartphone, or a couch under a high-interest payment plan. The Rent-A-Center business model allows people with low or no credit some access to the basic necessities of modern life, even if they wind up paying three times more for the product in the end. But newly released complaints filed with…

iPhone sales expected to explode in 2017

The iPhone 7 probably won’t be enough to reverse Apple’s declining sales slump when it reports earnings tomorrow. But analysts say Apple is sitting on a “powder keg of dramatically aging” iPhones that could lead to a super-cycle of upgrades in 2017. In a note to investors, Cowen’s Timothy Arcuri said that his team believes […](via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac