The Garage All Four Wheels Fall Off Immediately After Jiffy Lube Brake Job | Lifehacker Eight Things

The Garage All Four Wheels Fall Off Immediately After Jiffy Lube Brake Job | Lifehacker Eight Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Stream On Spotify | io9 Why Roland Emmerich Had to Wait 20 Years to Finally Make Independence Day: Resurgence | Kotaku DOOM’s Approach To Collectibles Is Smart, Fun, And Satisfying |Read more... Source: Gizmodo

This 12-Year-Old's Skateboarding Skills Defy Reason

Riding three skateboards is hard. Riding a skateboard sideways on top of another skateboard is really hard. You might think this is building toward something—but nope, I’m just pointing out that Isamu Yamamoto is a goddamn wizard on a skateboard. And he’s only 12 years old.Read more... Source: Gizmodo

How to Kill a Three-Year-Old in NYC Without Getting Arrested

Mariam Dansoko, a three-year-old girl, was crossing the street near Yankee Stadium with her mother yesterday when she noticed an approaching car. “Mommy, the car is coming,” she said. By the time her mother turned around, the driver of the oncoming Nissan Altima struck Mariam, giving her injuries that later killed her. The driver was not arrested at the scene and will likely not be charged with a crime.Read more...…

How Sweden Is Relocating an Entire City

Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden, is sinking. In fact, by 2050, most of its structures will have collapsed into the iron mines below it. So engineers have embarked upon an ambitious project to move Kiruna—along with its 20,000 residents—two miles to the east. A new documentary explains exactly how they plan to do it.Read more... Source: Gizmodo

Amazon Is Opening More Physical Bookstores

Remember when news leaked that Amazon was planning to open a lot more brick-and-mortar stores? Amazon’s PR team got pretty angry about those reports and insisted they weren’t true . But today Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos himself has confirmed that they’re “definitely” planning to build more stores.Read more... Source: Gizmodo

This Transdermal Weed Patch Won’t Send You to The Moon

“We don’t cater towards the recreational market.” That isn’t something you expect to hear from the chief scientist of a cannabis company, but then Mary’s is unusual for many reasons. Eighty percent of the company’s products don’t even contain THC—the chemical in weed responsible for getting you stoned. Much of Mary’s inventory instead uses cannabidiol (CBD), another chemical that occurs in marijuana and shows promise for a variety of therapeutic…

Hand Drawing Sheet Music Is Such an Impressive Skill

Making music is art. And so is making a blank piece of paper sing. Watch as sheet music is hand drawn using charcoal, graphite, a ruler, and a triangle. The amount of work is ridiculous—I mean, drawing the straight lines for the template is already hard enough—but it’s pretty damn satisfying to see the notes get slowly filled in. Who knows what it’ll sound like but it sure looks amazing.Read…

Cops Wearing Body Cameras Are More Likely to Be Assaulted

A large-scale analysis of body-camera usage among police officers in the US and the UK has produced some rather unexpected and counter-intuitive results, showing that body-worn cameras have a tendency to increase assaults on police. At the same time, discretionary use of cameras increases an officer’s tendency to use force. Read more... Source: Gizmodo

New IPhone repair techniques

A IPhone is a commercial building for storage of goods. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs, etc. They are usually large plain buildings in industrial areas of cities and towns and villages. They usually have loading docks to load and unload goods from trucks. Sometimes warehouses are designed for the loading and unloading of goods directly from railways, airports, or seaports. They often have cranes…