HTC Slashing Price of U11 Smartphone By $100

HTC today announced a limited promo that will see the cost of its flagship U11 smartphone drop by $100. The lower price will be in effect from February 1 through February 15. The U11 is notable for its squeezable side edges that can be used to call up certain features and actions. Source: phonescoop

Verizon to Discount Bundled Wireless and FiOS By $20

Verizon said it is kicking off several new promotions this week that should save customers some money. Starting February 1, customers who subscribe or upgrade to both Verizon’s unlimited wireless plan and its FiOS Gigabit Connection plan will receive a $20 discount per month ($10 off the wireless and $10 off the FiOS.) Verizon said customers will be able keep this discount as long as they remain on both services.…

Qualcomm and Samsung Ink Fresh Licensing Deal

Qualcomm today said it has updated its global patent cross-licensing agreement with Samsung. The patents in question cover mobile devices and telecommunications gear. As part of the deal, Samsung has agreed to withdraw legal complaints it filed against Qualcomm in South Korea. The two firms also announced a renewed strategic relationship that will see them working together across a variety of product categories, including mobile devices and 5G. Financial terms…

Spotify’s new app is a Pandora copycat

Spotify is testing a new tool to up the competition with Apple Music by stealing a key feature from one of the oldest companies in the streaming game: Pandora. Stations, a new stand-alone app from Spotify, launched on the Google Play Store in Australia this week allowing users to listen to curated stations without any […] (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

Google Flights to Predict Delays

Google today improved its Google Flights tool by adding the ability to predict flight delays. The company is pairing historical flight data with machine learning algorithms to determine delays before the airline itself can. Google said it will only flag delays when it is 80% confident the flight will be postponed. People can simply search for their flight by number or route to see information regarding the flight’s timeliness. In…

Casetify’s nylon Apple Watch bands hit all the marks

Nylon bands for Apple Watch are in high demand for their comfort and versatility. Add in great engineering and style, and you’ve got the ideal strap to fit your everyday needs. Enter Casetify, a company that believes in being radically unique, creating beautifully designed, made-to-order products that are hand-inspected from beginning to end. The company […] (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

Samsung to Delete Third-Party Apps from Cloud Backups

Samsung today informed those who use its Samsung Cloud service that it will no longer backup data from third-party applications. Starting February 6, 2018, the company will only backup information stored in Samsung-branded apps, including contacts, calendar, internet, notes, photos, videos, music, and documents. It will also store backups of the home screen, app installation files, and settings. "After this change you will not be able to backup app data…

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