Spotify dominates Apple Music when it comes to paid subscribers

Spotify has extended its lead on Apple Music when it comes to paid subscribers, according to a new report that claims the streaming music service has broken the 60 million threshold. Apple Music still hasn’t passed hit the 30 million mark yet, or if it has, Apple hasn’t made that news public yet. Last time […] (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

Gboard for iPhone can now send drawings, maps, YouTube videos

Google today rolled out a nice new Gboard update for iPhone, adding the ability to send drawings, Google Maps, and YouTube videos. The additions make the best third-party keyboard on iOS even better. I’m not a huge fan of third-party iPhone keyboards. I feel like they’re not as good as the default iOS keyboard thanks […] (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

Apple faces ugly lawsuit for breaking FaceTime

A judge has ruled that a lawsuit against Apple for breaking FaceTime in iOS 6 can continue. It is alleged that the iPhone-maker purposely allowed the feature to be disabled on older devices in an effort to force users to update to iOS 7. Introduced with iOS 4 in 2010, FaceTime made video calling easier […] (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

Treat yourself to a better weather app

This post is presented by Today Weather. Your weather app is probably the last thing you daydream about upgrading. After all, iOS comes with a pretty straightforward, reliable weather app. But when we tried free alternative Today Weather, we found some interesting features we didn’t even know we wanted. Let’s be clear: Any alternative for […] (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

HomePod hardware uncovered in latest software leak

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the HomePod speaker Apple announced at WWDC last month. But thanks to the firmware that was released to developers on Friday, we now know a little bit more about its internal hardware. Apple clearly didn’t realize that the firmware it made available on Friday was a […] (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

Google Refreshes Nearby Connections API for P2P Interactions

Google today released the Nearby Connections 2.0 API to developers, which will eventually help Android devices find, connect to, and communicate with other nearby devices all on their own. The vision is to make it possible for Android handsets to automatically share information with internet-of-things-type devices, such as personal temperature preferences with thermostats, Netflix playlists with connected television sets, and so on. According to Google, the Nearby Connections API makes…

Google's GBoard App for iPhone Gains Maps, YouTube, Drawing Features

Google today updated its GBoard application for the iPhone and gave the keyboard some powerful new tools. Moving forward, a tap of the "G" button calls up not only Google Search, but YouTube and Google Maps as well. Google says this should make it easier to share video content or location details when composing messages. The YouTube link lets GBoard users jump into YouTube to grab video links and put…

Samsung Says Its Modem First to Support 6 Carrier Aggregation

Samsung has breached 1.2 Gbps downloads with its latest LTE modem. The new radio is intended for Samsung's next-generation Exynos mobile processor and is the first to support six carrier aggregation (6CA), according to the company. Carrier aggregation involves using multiple spectrum bands to send data upstream and downstream. The Cat 18 6CA modem includes 4x4 MIMO and higher-order 256 QAM to tap into the high speeds available from technologies…

LG Says Its Q6 Smartphone Is Coming to the Americas Soon

LG today said the Q6, the first phone in its new Q series, will soon be more broadly available. The phone is launching in South Korea this week and will follow in key markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. The company did not say in which countries the phone will be sold, but indicated that country-specific announcements will be made closer to launch. The Q6 features…

Microsoft Cans Its WordFlow Keyboard App for iOS

Microsoft recently withdrew its WordFlow keyboard application from the iTunes App Store. WordFlow was one of many Microsoft Garage projects, which are chiefly apps that target Android and iOS devices. WordFlow for iOS was a version of Microsoft's capable swipe-style keyboard that was originally found on Windows Phone. On its own web site, Microsoft calls the WordFlow experiment "complete" and suggests people download SwiftKey instead. "The SwiftKey product team is…

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