Worrying About Money Is Tough on Wallets and Wrinkles

As someone who often struggles to make ends meet, I often feel like I want to just curl up in a ball and never leave my house. During the worst months, I often found that it took a toll on my appearance. The dark circles under my eyes started to sag, my face would break out in pimples, and I’d gain weight. Of course, that only added to the stress.Read…

Severed, Upthere Home and other awesome apps of the week

Looking to get up to speed on the week’s hottest apps? We’ve got your back! In a week in which Apple sold its billionth iPhone, and a strong showing from the App Store was partially credited as the reason behind Apple’s better-than-expected Q3 earnings, we’ve combed the latest apps to bring you the cream of […](via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

Control your home appliances wirelessly, and more [Week’s Newest Deals]

Another week, another fresh shipment of top shelf deals on essential tools and tech. This week our latest includes a Bluetooth-enabled outlet that lets you remotely control and monitor your appliances, a bundle of tools for organizing and managing your computer’s files, as well as your thoughts and ideas, and a duo of apps for […](via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens) Source: cultofmac

How This Man Survived a 25,000-Foot Jump Without a Parachute

Skydiving is pretty terrifying on its own, even when you take into account necessary safety precautions. But what if you were to jump from an airplane without a parachute? If Luke Aikins’ stunt is any indication, you’d have to be highly skilled and train for two years before even attempting it. There’s also the issue of jumping from a plane without a parachute.Read more... Source: Gizmodo

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